Google Pixel 9 Pro Price In India Launch Date

Google Pixel 9 Pro price in India launch date This topic is much discussed in India at the moment because according to some news it has come to light that Google is going to bring something new in its upcoming Google Pixel 9 series for which it is planning and it could be a huge update.

Some such technology will be used in the Google Pixel 9 Pro series which may be capable of competing with many expensive mobiles and with this, this mobile claims that Google will also be able to compete with Apple in its upcoming series. In terms of its technology, what remains to be seen is what new thing we get to see inside the Google Pixel 9 series.

Google Pixel 9 Pro Camera

So let us now talk about the camera used inside the Google Pixel 9 Pro. Inside this mobile, we can see three cameras set up inside the camera which is 108 plus 50 plus 16 megapixel back camera. In which a lot of high graphics technology has been used.

Along with this, if we talk about the front camera i.e. selfie camera, then here we will get to see a 24-megapixel front camera, we will also be able to see the use of high-quality graphics and wide angle lens, along with this there is a lot of information inside it. Will be able to record video at high quality.

Google Pixel 9 Pro Display

If we talk about the display of Google Pixel 9 Pro, then inside it we are getting to see a 6.65-inch display which will be an AMOLED display, and with this, this mobile supports 1080 x 2400 resolution capability and mobile is on 396ppi technology. Along with this, a punch-hole selfie camera has been provided above the display. The maximum brightness of the display of this mobile supports up to 1600 nits, within which we will see a refresh rate of 180Hz which supports HDR10+.

Google Pixel 9 Pro Specifications

Let us now talk about some specifications of Google Pixel 9 Pro, we will get to see this mobile with Android version 14 technology. Snapdragon 8 generation processor has been used on this mobile and that is why this mobile has 3.2 GHz technology. It is built on its supports.

Along with this, we will get to see a fingerprint sensor on the display of this mobile and to provide good power backup to all these technologies, a big battery of 5500 mah has been used on this mobile, and there is a 5G network on this mobile. Connectivity is also supported.

Google Pixel 9 Pro Storage

If we talk about the storage inside Google Pixel 9 Pro, then you will get only one variant on this mobile which is 12GB RAM and 512GB storage ROM, and apart from this, you can also use any separate memory card inside this mobile. If you will not be able to insert it, it means that an external SD card is not supported on this mobile. But if you want to use any separate storage inside it, then you will have to use a converter for this, with the help of which you can connect any pen drive or hard disk to your phone.

Google Pixel 9 Pro Connectivity

Let us now talk about the connectivity of Google Pixel 9 Pro mobile. You will get to see every kind of new technology being used on this mobile. First of all, you are being given 5G network connectivity on this mobile along with which 4G, 3G, and 2G are also supported. Use will be seen.

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Along with all this, Bluetooth connectivity support with 5.3 version technology will be seen on this mobile. Along with this, you will also get the support of the latest version of WiFi connectivity here.

Google Pixel 9 Pro Battery And Charger

Now let’s talk about the battery and charger of Google Pixel 9 Pro because this is the most important thing that can make this mobile run well. So the thing to see is that inside this mobile you will see a big battery of 5500 mah. You will get it so that you can charge it very quickly, for which an 80-watt fast charger will also be provided with your mobile box.

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Apart from this, this mobile also supports two types of leader technology you can charge this mobile without a charger i.e. wirelessly which is a big thing and along with this you also get the facility of reverse charging on this mobile. Support will be available i.e. you can charge your mobile with any other mobile which supports similar technology.

Google Pixel 9 Pro Price In India Launch Date

So let us now talk about the price of Google Pixel 9 Pro in India, when will this mobile be launched, this is the most talked about thing, so let’s see when we can buy this mobile. So, friends, we can only tell you correctly on this topic now because we have not received any date yet, but according to some news, we will be able to tell that this mobile should be launched by October 3, 2024. Along with this, we can also estimate the price of this mobile which we can get within Rs 67990.

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