How To Create PhonePe Account

We will see how to create an account on the PhonePe, how to add our bank account to the account on the PhonePe, how to set the UPI PIN, how to do the KYC in it It is required which folder to comment in KYC, how you will do KYC in the complete process,

in this video, first of all, you will see the UPI application on your phone. I have put the direct link of the video to download it, open the application, here it is said to appeal to all of you, in which the mobile number that you all have to fill here is the same mobile number that you have to fill. that is linked to your bank account.

Why can PhonePe not add a bank account :

add the mobile number here as we Have clicked on the proceed option, then an automatic OTP will come to verify our phone, which has to be filled here and after that all of you successfully login to this application and here some permissions are given.

is told to in which the location contact here All of you have to set aside this permission, as soon as you separate the permission, you come to the dashboard of the application, where you will see that many options related to transfer money are available here, whether you want to send money to someone’s contact.

You can send money to anyone’s account number, with this you are here But you can also check the balance and you can use whatever you give in the application on the rest of the phone, so here to use these services, first of all we have to connect our bank account with the ad bank account which

The option given on the top, if we click on this option, then as we have done here If we have clicked on, then a complete list of the bank would have come in front of us, the rules of many popular banks are shown here, whatever your bank is,

how to create phonepe upi id :

you have to suck it, if you do not get to see the rules here You will come to the bottom, in which you will see that a very long list of banks has been given. Haven’t even heard the rules of the banks yet, here this many banks can also spend the expenses given here, after that you have to type on the rules of your bank, then as you type,

here you will see that the verification from the bank here has started in which automatically a message will be sent and within a second all of you Whichever bank account will be linked to that mobile number, whatever bank account will be linked there,

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you will see that the details will be shown to all of you. Here, as you click to add this bank account to the phone, you will see it here. Whatever is your rule, whatever is your branch, you will see the details of that account. Along with this, you will see that the UPI ID has also been generated, if you want,

you can edit it, and here, as you click on the option to add, the net has been sent, in which we have to set the UPI PIN. It is called because the first time you have to set up a UPI PIN. Whichever is needed, whenever you send money to anyone, if you check the balance, then UPI PIN is required,

how to activate phonepe account :

that UPI PIN will have to be set by all of you yourself, which will click on the option of set UPI PIN here. Whatever is the card number of all of you, which ATM card is your bank? You have to fill the last six digits of the ATM card here and here you have to fill the expiry date of that card, it has gone but it has been a month, here you will appeal it,

then on the option If you click, an OTP will come on your phone, after that You will be able to set the UPI PIN and this is what you have to keep, after that anytime again if you need to send money, this is the UPI PIN to check the balance, you are going to need it,

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here you will see that our UPI PIN The PIN has been set and along with this our bank account That too has been added here. If you want to send money, we can send money. We can receive money from anyone.

If you want to check your balance, click on the check balance option. Here you will see that you It is a bank account, it has started sleeping, you will click on its option and here the UP You have typed that UPI PIN here, you will feel it, then whatever your account balance will be here, you can send money to anyone here,

how to create phonepe account with atm card :

now here you will click on the sting option, then you will be on the dashboard of the application. You will come wherever you want electricity bill payment in this application You have to do mobile recharge, you have to do insurance.

if you want to access these services, here you all have to do full KYC of this application, in which you will be given the option of wallet on the phone or your option. is given click on it so like you If you click here,

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a comment will be demanded from all of you to do KYC of this account, in which if you want, you can give your PAN card here, if not, then click on the option of change, then you will be driving here. License Voter ID Card Password Job Card You will also see that I have entered the PAN Card.

The option is to do it here and there, whatever your name is on you, you will give it there, if you click on the option, then in this way, the KYC of the wallet on the phone also becomes successful.

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