New Earning App Without Investment 2024

Friends, do you want to earn money online sitting at home using your phone, then today I will tell you about an application through which you can earn a lot of money by using it on your mobile phone. If you are a student or working, then you can use your free time to create a separate income through this application and along with this, you can also manage your expenses very easily.


This is an application through which you will be able to earn money by working alone, for this neither you have to tell anyone nor you have to trust anyone nor you have to say anything to anyone nor you have to play any games with friends. Whatever work needs to be done, you will have to do it alone from your mobile and that too without depending on anyone.

So let us now talk about what work you will have to do in this application, which game you will have to play and how you will get your earned money on your bank account. We will learn the whole process step by step so that you understand everything and you Can work on this.

Where will the apps be found:

So let us now talk about how to download this application, from where you will get its link, for this you have to click on the download button given below and after that you will go directly to the official website of this application from where you can download it. You can do it easily and after that what will be the next process, you can know its details from the points given below.

Registration Process:

First of all you will have to register on this application, if you are opening it for the first time and first of all you will have to accept its terms and conditions, after that on the registration process you will have to register by giving your mobile number, email ID and a password to remember. And you will be contacted on this email ID and phone number in case of any need, so you have to remember this properly so that it can be useful later.

And you have to write the same password again on the box given below and after that you have to enter a referral code so that when you create a new account, ₹ 10 will be given to you as a bonus so that you can use it while earning. Can. You can create an account even without giving this referral code because this setting is optional, there is no problem even if you do not give it and after that you have to click on the Sign In button.

Apps Interface Explain:

After completing the registration process, the home page of this application will open where we will talk about all the settings in detail so that if you understand, then here you will be able to see first that you have been given ₹ 10 as a bonus for free. And with this, two options will be visible here, the first will be the classic option and the second is the light option. Let us know what are these two settings and what is their function.

Classic: Let’s now talk about what you will get to see inside the Classic option. As you must have understood that this is a Ludo game, that is, you will be able to earn money by playing Ludo together with people on this application. So if we go to the classic option, we will see three settings here. The first will be global, that is, you can play Ludo game by connecting with any person all over the world. Through this option, any random person can join here. Will play games with you and you will earn income if you win.

After this, you will see the second option Friends, that is, you can play Ludo game with your friends. By connecting your friends or by inviting them, you can get them added on this application and can play Ludo game with them, so that your friends can play Ludo game. There will be a Ludo competition and if you win, you will get income.

And the last i.e. the third option comes on the leader board i.e. inside this option you will be able to see who among all the people playing this game all over the world is ranked at what number, like first, second and third. Which person is on the position and who has earned the most income? From here, a rank list of them will be shown and that too on a daily basis, every week and every month.

Lite: Friends, as you know there are many types of colorful dice inside Ludo, which you can follow the next step according to the number and take out these dice one by one and the one whose dice will be finished first will be the one. Is considered the winner. In the same way, there are slightly different rules in the Lite option, that is, here first of all you will know what number is going to come on your move and accordingly you can play.

Just like earlier there were three options on the classic option, here also you will get to see three settings which are Global Friends and Leader Board. And like before, under the Global option, you can connect with any player and play Ludo game all over the world and you will be able to earn money by playing the game with countless people.

And similarly, the next option is Friends, that is, you can connect with your friends and play Ludo or you can add them by inviting them and you will be able to play Ludo game with them and this is a great opportunity to compete with your friends. Due to which many people have earned money from these apps.

Along with this, the next option comes Leader Board i.e. here also you will get to see such option where first second and third will be who has earned how much money from this app and who has played how many games inside the Ludo game where But every week, every day and every month the ranking will be told to you which you can check.

How To Play Classic Global:

So let us now see how we can play this game, so first of all we will go to the classic option and after going inside it, we get three settings, then we will go to the global option and here we will get to see four directions. That too in four types of colors from which we will have to choose and below we will have to give the amount we want to add and the amount of bonus we will get will be shown. If we want to continue then we will join this game.

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Similarly, on the other side, a player will join this Ludo game at the same time and he can be that person from any place in the whole world and he will play the game with you inside this app and at the end, whose direction is first. Only the one who will finish will be the winner in this game and only he will get the bonus amount. In the same way, you can also connect your friends and play Ludo game and earn income.

Payment Options:

You can earn money from this application by playing games, but now let us talk about how you can transfer the money earned from this application to your bank account or to your account, which is a very important thing. So first of all, on registration you will be given ₹ 10 as a bonus and along with this you can also add money separately on it if you want.

Withdrawal Process:

You will get many types of options like Paytm on phone and bank transfer, all these facilities are available here and if you want to transfer your earned money to your account then go to the wallet and click on the rebellion option. You have to click and select the account in which you want to take it, after continuing, give your number and the money will be transferred to your account immediately.

Refer And Earn:

So let us now talk about how you will be able to earn income by referring, if you share the referral link i.e. invitation link with your friends through this application and if someone clicks on your link and downloads this application. And if someone registers using your referral code, you will be given a bonus of ₹ 10 and along with this the person will also get ₹ 10 as bonus.

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